Passion for God

Do You Desire God?

Matthew 22:36-38


People come to me and say, “I have a new relationship with God! I am a new being in Christ. I am a new creation. Today is a brand new day!” Then I respond, “That is good. I am happy for you. Do you have a new relationship with sin? Because if you don’t have a new relationship with sin, you don’t have a new relationship with God.”

Truth is that you can’t love God and sin at the same time. Yes, you can love two at the same time but that is not true love. Everyone knows we are all sinners. We just do not realize how heinous and terrible that is, and this is why we can't leave sin and love God. It is our natural inclination to love sin and stay within the boundaries of sin. As a result, we only choose to  love some parts of God, not everything about God. 

We say, “God is loving and caring. He forgives sins. He redeems us.” and we neglect the fact that God wants our hearts and expects true Christian discipleship-that is a life-long journey of continually staying away from sin and being molded and transformed by grace into what God calls us to be.

You cannot choose to love only some parts of God. You cannot just love the God of hope, the God of love, and the God of grace. If you confess your love for God, you also have to love the God of justice, the God of righteousness, and God who will come to judge all of us. God loves everyone.

Jesus welcomed everyone. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick and forgave the sinners. But that is not the end of the story. People say, "I’m a Christian. I was baptized in water and Spirit. I am accepted into God’s salvific plan." But is that it? Is this all there is to it? Is this why Jesus came to us and died on the cross for us? So that we can feel better about ourselves and be complacent? If you think that’s the end of the story, you have to ask yourself this question: “Am I only interested in what God has to offer to me? Or do I really love God not for what He has in store for me but simply for who He is?” Ask yourself this question. We have to remember that there is more to it. God calls us to deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Christ every moment.


We have to constantly make efforts to become what God designed us to be. The sign of a genuine work of God in your heart is that you begin to hate the sin you once loved and you begin to love the righteousness you once ignored. What happens to you when you desire God? If you desire God, you will abandon all evil. If you love God, you will constantly struggle to manifest His will, not your own. If you are in a love relationship with God, your joy is in meditating his laws day and night with your mind, with your heart, and with your life.



Will you still love God if He asks you to sacrifice your only child to Him? Will you still love God if He asks you to leave everything behind and move to a foreign land? Will you still love God if He asks you to leave everything behind and follow him?

We have to. That is a Christian living. That is a Christian lifestyle. And that is a Christian identity. The evidence that you are a Christian is not in words that you confess your faith in Jesus or in deeds that you are part of some Christian ministry; but it is in your heart that your affections are changed now. Yes, that is what love looks like when it talks and walks but you need to be filled with God’s love for you and your love for God. That the sign of God's work in your heart. 

Then, now that I have new affections for God, how can I know what God wants from me? That’s where the Word of God comes in. We as professing Christians are not turning inwards to ourselves. When we are faced with dilemma, we are not called to turn to our thoughts, emotions, experiences, or relationships with others. We are called to turn to God and to the Bible because the Bible is the clearest form of God’s divine revelation to us that we have today. The Bible’s got everything we need in our attempts to be like Christ. Therefore, examine your life in the light of the Bible and conform your life to what Scripture says and ask, "have I gone through the Bible to discover what God desires from us? I am talking about the Word of God impacting every aspect of your personal life applied to you and you seeking to obey the Word of God.

This is a Christian thing to do, meditating on the Word of God and submitting ourselves to God. It is not the matter of what we think who God is or what we like Him to be. It is about who God is. He is who He is whether we get it right or wrong. This is why we have to scrutinize the Scripture, study it, meditate it, and live upon it. 

We like him to be our Savior, comforter, provider, and protector. But we don’t want him to be our Lord whom we give full control over ourselves. We don’t want him to be the Light that reveals sinful parts of us. We don’t want him to be our King who will come and punish all evil.

Ask yourself this question in your own heart. Do you desire God? Do you have passion for God-not for ministry, nor for evangelism, but for God? If you do, do you only desire some parts of God or everything about God? You won't have much time in future because eternal life does not begin with dying and going to heaven. Eternal life begins here and now. This is eternal life that we may come to know God and love God. 

Do you desire God? If you do, receive Christ, but that is not the end of the story. That is only the beginning of your journey to be like Christ. Receive Christ and mediate His law day and night and find what God wants from you. Study Scripture so that you do not misuse the name of God. Learn who God is not in ways that we want to, but in ways that He revealed Himself to us.

It’s time to move on from God loves you to God wants you to repent. It’s time to move on from God welcomes everyone to God calls you to deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Him.

Do you desire God? Do you desire Him to a point where you will begin to hate the sin you once love? Do you desire God to a point where you give up everything so that He can becomes everything to you?

If yes, that begins the moment of eternity. That opens the gates of heaven. That manifests the Kingdom of God here and now through us.