Pastor Jacob on News-Times

Thanks be to God, I was honored by the News-Times and the New Milford Spectrum on Friday, October 20th. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to introduce myself to the town as a
partaker of God’s ministry at Gaylordsville United Methodist Church.

At first I was not fond of the idea. Interviews are stressful by nature and are a very challenging task for most of the introverts like myself. The pressure that someone is about to scrutinize my
appearance, mannerism, modulation of voice, interpersonal skills, and everything that I do and I say is overwhelming. Interviews are ominous and the stress is palpable.

It took a great amount of time and prayer even to answer the question of why. Why do I need to be interviewed and expose myself to the public? Why do I have to step out of my comfort zone
and blunder my way through the interview?

Pondering on these questions, I was reminded of our DS’ writing from the October newsletter. He challenged us by saying “what about us as a church, are we seeking beyond our walls, our
personal comfort or love for self and ‘our church?’” This brought me back to perspective and fueled me to take up the challenge, hoping to open our church doors and connect with community’s hopes and needs by making my presence known to the public.

By the grace of God, I did my interview and the article was published. Below the paragraph is the link to the article. It attracted four new people to the church in the past two Sundays. Two of them
used to be old members of our church. It is amazing to witness what God can do even with one article on the newspaper. God is bringing the lost, forgotten members of the church as well as
potential church members. As the DS inspired us in the September newsletter, I am getting to know “the others” with the intention to “better understand how to reconnect them to the believing
and beloved community.”

I believe our role as pastors in communities is becoming more important as we are trying to find hope and peace in perilous, drastic times. But, one of our most important gifts is our pastoral
perspective that allows us to look at things differently with the divine empathy and love. It is my hope to expand my pastoral role in the community to channel God’s grace and love.

Lastly, I cannot express enough how grateful and blessed I am for every member of our church. Their love for God and for one another is deeply profound. There is no doubt that God will grow this church in faith and number as long as we stay obedient and humble before God.

I would appreciate if you could keep me and Gaylordsville UMC in your prayers. And I earnestly pray for our growth in faith and number under the servant leadership and supervision of our DS.
May we continue to find joy in partaking God’s ministry and may we be blessed and be a blessing to all whom we encounter.

In Christ,
Jacob Hanbin Eun